Fildo APK

Fildo app is a music application that lets you download or stream top-quality music from around the world. There is one thing that makes Fildo app different from the other such apps out there. Fildo doesn’t have its own collection of music, but brings music from various sources at one place.

Fildo is considered to be one of the most powerful music apps you can get. Whether you want to stream the music or simply download it to listen to it offline, you can do it all.

Yes!! v3.0.1 has been released.
Updated each internal componente that we use
Better performance
Better covers cache (less data usage)
A lot of improvements, fix and a new small redesign.


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Fildo v3.0.3 APK / Mirror

Fildo v3.0.2 APK / Mirror

Fildo v3.0.1 APK / Mirror