Turn any photo into a funny one.

After 40 million laughing users, a new and improved version withmany cool options

CNET: ”If you are searching for a great time killer and funny photo app, this one is for you. This app promises many laughs as you twist and edit your friends’ faces.”


Replace face parts Funny eyes, noses, crazy hairdos,tattoos, scary scars and more

Automatic face-changing Choose from a wide selection ofmorph effects including alien, fat, skinny, and many more. Smudge to reshape the face

Face swap Swap faces of people in same or different photo

Instant replay Automatically creates a video of how your image was transformed. You can share the video on Youtube,Facebook, Whatsapp, email or any other app that supports video attachment

Fuse the photo with a different background, put your self on the beach, on the moon, use many other pre-supplied backgrounds, or use your own

Stickers Over 600 stickers for any occasion on any subject.

Import photos from your camera gallery, Facebook, Instagram or find them on the web using image search

Packed with features Add text or draw on top of thephoto, add makeup, add stickers, use the clone tool and so muchmore

Share with friend the image or the video

Fun, easy to use, simple to learn and share.

It’s ridiculous, but it’s oh so entertaining !


  • Face Changer 2 Screenshot
  • Face Changer 2 Screenshot


Face Changer 2 Premium v6.2 / Mirror

Face Changer 2 Premium v2.9 / Alternative Link