Enhanced SMS & Caller ID provides voice notifications for incoming callers, incoming SMS/MMS messages, new K9 / Kaiten messages, new AquaMail messages, new Gmail messages, Gtalk/Hangout notifications, status bar notifications and event reminders for your Google Calendar

We invite you to see why this is the best talking Caller ID, SMS voice notification & more Android app!
Don’t be fooled by imitators, there is just one app you should use for SMS & Caller ID voice notifications and this is it!
Our users have called us “the most trusted alert reader on the market”. A highly configurable voice notification app that can read just about anything.
You could waste your money on those other apps that do one or two things Enhanced SMS & Caller ID can do, or you can get the all in one solution!
This application is only available on the Android / Google Play marketplace.
Some key features include:
• Highly configurable talking caller id,
• Ability to look up phone numbers (i.e. perform reverse lookups),
• Highly configurable SMS/MMS voice notifications (Compatible with Go SMS and Handcent; see my FAQ for details),
• Text messages by voice! Reply to received SMS messages with your voice
• Highly configurable talking Gmail/K9/Kaiten/AquaMail alerts (AquaMail, K9 /Kaiten mail clients support AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more),
• Configurable talking Google calendar event reminders,
• Ability to readout the status bar for apps of your own choosing,
• Highly configurable Gtalk/Hangout voice notifications (unlike other apps that read just the first notification!),
• Widgets for quick toggling of the talking notifications,
• Tasker, Locale and Probeez plugins,
• Support for Bluetooth headsets that support the A2DP profile (Caller ID through Bluetooth not yet supported on all devices),
• Support for most in-car Bluetooth systems,
• Ability to Whitelist, blacklist and screen contacts,
• Supports most, if not all, Android voice engines,
• Ability to perform reverse lookups for unknown, but listed, phone numbers automatically (feature varies by country and WiFi, 3G/4G required during call; No Recurring fees or subscription; please see my FAQ for more details),
• Great end-user support and actively developed,
• And much much more!
Before posting misleading reviews saying that the app doesn’t work properly, please contact me. Clearly our users think Enhanced SMS & Caller ID works properly; either you are having trouble configuring the app or the app may not do what you think it does! Either way, email us and find out definitively!
For a full list of features or to request new features, visit our homepage @ http://www.enhancedsmscallerid.com !
View our FAQ for solutions to common problems @ http://www.enhancedsmscallerid.com/home/faq .
Finally, view our “Getting Started” pages for information on configuring the application @ http://www.enhancedsmscallerid.com/home/documentation .
***Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied, we will issue a refund (just send us your order number within 7 days of purchasing!)****.
Thanks For your Support.


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Enhanced SMS & Caller ID+ v3.5.2 / Mirror

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Enhanced SMS & Caller ID+ v3.4.3 Patched / Mirror