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Practice English grammar” and test your English language knowledge with our free “English Grammar Test Level 1” – revise English verb tenses, the comparison of adjectives, question tags, singular/plural of nouns and everything that “English for beginners” includes.
→ Study “English grammar in use” on your smarthpone or tablet and learn English anywhere and at any time!

→ Improve your language knowledge and learn basic English grammar easily with this “English grammar test app”!
➜ Endless questions!
➜ 5 levels of difficulty!
➜ You have 20s to choose the right answer – do it fast;
➜ Give the answer quickly, use helps, win extra points for being fast;
➜ Three errors in a row – game over;

Forget about language textbooks or grammar books and workbooks: with our free “English grammar” quiz you can remind yourself of all grammar rules:
Verb tenses (Present Simple Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Present Perfect Tense, Past Simple Tense), Modal verbs, Word order, the Comparison of adjectives (comparative, superlative), Question tags, Regular and irregular plural nouns, Countable and uncountable nouns, Prepositions, Articles, Possessive and personal pronouns, the use of Much and Many, the use of Some, Any, Little, Few, a Few, a Little; Question words (Who, How much, How Many, Where, What, When), Spelling, Capitalization, Possessive s and much more.

➜ Use available helps to solve the questions:
– 50:50 – remove two incorrect answers;
– Switch your question with another one;
– Use the help of your friends – take a look at their answers shown in percent.
➜ Log in with Facebook to win free coins and compete with your friends – check the leader-board and beat the high score!

✔ Fun and Easy English Grammar – test your knowledge and improve your English with this “English test”, an educational quiz game for kids and adults!

All fans of “grammar games” and “trivia quiz games” must obtain this English Grammar Test Level 1 and test their knowledge of the basics of English grammar!
✔ Teach your children easy “English grammar for kids”!
✔ Also, use this great “language builder” to take a quick quiz and see how well you know the basics of American/English language.

If you have always wanted to perfect your knowledge of “English language and grammar”, but you don’t have the time to study English textbooks or take expensive English courses, we have a perfect solution for you! One of the best English learning educational games is available on the market and it is totally free! If you’re wondering “how to learn English” grammar with ease, the answer is by playing learning games for kids and adults! Just take a quiz, answer the questions and improve not only your grammar, but also your vocabulary and spelling. While answering the questions in this “English learning app”, you’ll acquire new English words, phrases, spelling, and maybe even improve your pronunciation and reading!
We make apps for learning English grammar adapted to different classes of learners – English Grammar Test Level 1 is for beginners, e.g. for students at the basic or elementary level of the English language study! English Grammar test apps for levels 2 and 3 are coming up next!
This “free English quiz game” is an addictive knowledge quiz! A free quiz game with 5 levels and a multitude of multiple choice questions! This educational quiz will “test your knowledge” and help you with learning the English language! If you are addicted to playing “free quiz games”, “mind games” and brain teasers, this English quiz game for girls, for boys, for kids and adults will entertain you and fulfill your expectations!
This free learning game for Android is a very good brain quiz and “trivia game” that will get your brain cells warmed up! Use your free time to improve your IQ and train your brain with this fun and easy language builder app!
Master English grammar and speak English language fluently and proficiently like a true native speaker of the UK or the USA!

What’s New
We made some minor changes. Thanks for playing our game!


  • English Grammar Test Level 1 Screenshot
  • English Grammar Test Level 1 Screenshot
  • English Grammar Test Level 1 Screenshot
  • English Grammar Test Level 1 Screenshot
  • English Grammar Test Level 1 Screenshot
  • English Grammar Test Level 1 Screenshot
  • English Grammar Test Level 1 Screenshot
  • English Grammar Test Level 1 Screenshot

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