Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)

Band and upgrade units to survive the walking dead hordes and reclaim some semblance of order in tower defense zombie survival games. Master tactical strategies, and engage in intense battles to secure their survival. Are you brave enough to reach the end and reveal the secret of the zombie game?
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Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a quite famous and successful game in the game market from publisher Mobirate. The zombie theme is always a great choice for many blockbuster movies or famous multiplayer games, and this game is no exception. Coming to the game, you will be no stranger to its gameplay, which is also about killing zombies like other games. But not only that, the game will bring you many interesting things waiting for you.


Instead of like before, you will only get used to controlling one or two characters to fight zombies; With Dead Ahead you will have to control an entire army to create the perfect battle formation. This also means that the difficulty of the game will increase because managing such a large army at the same time is quite difficult. But don’t worry too much because the game will guide you step by step from easy to difficult so you can get used to the game easily. Your job is just to create a great team with the perfect combination of strength and good strategy.

Dead Ahead

Building a good squad is not too complicated because the game will provide you with the 3 most basic types of soldiers:
melee soldiers, short-range gunners and long-range gunners. Because each type of soldier will have different abilities and strengths, you can consider choosing the type of soldier that best suits your team. If you have a good strategy, you can freely combine these types of soldiers without worrying about deviations. Always take the time to learn about the soldiers in your team to know the strengths and weaknesses of each person.


You need to know one thing: what stands in front of you are scary and dangerous zombies, not mindless creatures like you think. Be careful because they don’t have a brain, but in return they have the ability to run very fast and are extremely sensitive so they can rush  and attack you at any time. Your mission is to protect your life and that of your teammates, so be alert in all situations.

Dead Ahead Pro

After each level, the number of soldiers in the team and the strength of each person will increase. But don’t be happy because the zombies will be like your team and will become stronger and stronger in strength and number. Every time a soldier on your team dies during combat, the number of zombies will also increase by another one. There will be more and more and on top of that there will be many other skills.


Different soldiers will have different ways of using their skills, for example some will use sticks and others mainly use guns. However, shooting zombies for snipers will be a bit troublesome because it will take a lot of time. Although it moves slowly, the damage per bullet fired is very high, so it will kill zombies in just one note.

Dead Ahead Mod

In addition to the health and gold displayed at the beginning of the two corners of the game, there is another indicator called the Courage indicator. This stat will measure whether your team can put pressure on zombies or not. This stat will fill up as your team overwhelms zombies and kills them before they take you down. And now your team will also win this round.
Dead Ahead will be the perfect choice for those who love the zombie fighting genre but want to experience a completely new gameplay. You will also be surprised to see that the game’s graphics are very beautiful, with the characters designed in a cute chibi style. The sound effects are also extremely vivid and will make you addicted to the game.

What's new

Hello, survivors! Here's what's new in this update:
- New game mode: Infected Metro
- 93 new missions
- New weather modificators: Heatwave and Poisonous Fog
- New Team Power: Prisoners
- New skins for Sonya, Jailer, Ranger and Mechanic
- New enemies: zombie "Puffer" and marauder "Skull"
- Updated cinema: added more rewards and a daily bonus
- Several bugs fixed



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