Cryptocoin Mining Calculator

Cryptocoin Mining Calculator

Paid version does not contains ads. Any bugs and suggestions please report in comments. Mining calculator calculates how many coins can be mined (per hour, day, week and month) with given hashrate. Also there is a tab with basic informations for selected coin.

Currently there is support for 16 cryptocoins:
Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Dash, Decred, DigitalNote, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Expanse, Litecoin, Monero, Musicoin, Pascalcoin, Siacoin, Ubiq, Zcash, Zclassic

– added “Favorite Coin” support
– application now saves last hashrate for specific coin and makes automatic calculations when coin     is selected based on that last hashrate
– in coin screen “Mining Calculator” is now first tab
– created dropdown for selecting kH/s, MH/s etc. in calculator
– coin list grid changed to 4 coins in a row
– added coin symbol next to coin name in coin list and coin title
– 2 new cryptocoins: Bytecoin, Zclassic
– Android back button returns to coin list screen
– fixed BitcoinCash calculator
– added 4 new coins: Electroneum, Pirl, Soilcoin, Metaverse
– power consumption and power cost now copied between all coins (as most of you requested)
– removed status bar, now fullscreen (as most of you requested)


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Cryptocoin Mining Calculator v2.1.1 (Paid) / MIrror