Chordbot is a songwriting tool / electronic backup band that lets you create and play complex chord progressions easily on your phone or tablet. Just add some chords, select a comping style and hit play.

Use it for songwriting experiments, to create backing tracks for practicing solos, or just for fun. Easily create arrangements and mixes by selecting from hundreds of piano, guitar, synth, bass and drum tracks.

This is the full version of Chordbot with all features enabled. There is also a free evaluation version (Chordbot Lite) with disabled save/export features that you could/should try before buying this version.


  • 60+ chord types
    Including classics like AugAdd2 and Min7(#11), in all inversions.

  • 70+ comping style presets
    Simple but usable arrangements that won’t get in your way.

  • 400+ instrument tracks
    Individually mixable dynamic instrument tracks that can be combined to form unique comping styles.

  • Inversion control / slash chords
    Manually select chord inversions, or let Chordbot select the smoothest inversion automatically.

  • Song sections
    Songs can be structured into repeatable sections (verse, chorus, etc). Each section can have its own comping style/arrangement.

  • MIDI/WAV export and background playback
    Refine your compositions in a DAW/MIDI sequencer or play along with a virtual instrument

  • Song-O-Matic
    Automatic song generator with pop, jazz and experimental profiles.

See for more information and audio demos.

Please report all bugs and problems to:


  • Android 8.0 Compatibility: Fixes crash on export on 8.0+
  • Intermittent black screen after wakeup bug fixed
  • Exported MIDI tracks are now separated per instrument
  • New option to disable General MIDI program changes on export
  • Support for Android Auto Backup: Your songs will be automatically transferred to new devices (requires Android 6.0+)
  • External read/write permission no longer required
  • Low-latency support on Android 8.0+


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  • Chordbot Screenshot


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