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Chord ai uses recent advances in artificial intelligence (ai) to give you the chords of any song automatically and reliably. You won't need to look for the chords of a song on the web anymore!
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A few years ago, cracking the chords of your favorite songs was a tedious task. Have you ever relied on your ears or spent hours looking through confusing charts and tabs on the internet? But today, thanks to amazing advances in AI technology, Chord AI can remove all that hassle. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this innovative app provides chords for any song from around the world and strives to be your perfect music partner.

The Innovative Chord Concierge is at Your Service

The Magic What Chord What Chord AI can bring to your life is unimaginable. It acts like a bright and agile concierge, listening to the music playing around you: on your devices, video/audio streaming services, and even live. The smart AI then interprets the chords and provides the appropriate finger positions to play the song on guitar, piano, or ukulele. All this happens instantly, so you can keep up with the music without missing a beat. It’s like having a professional music teacher in your pocket.

CHORD AI: Your best musical friend, no matter your skill level

Chord AI is more than just a tool. A mentor that accommodates musicians of all skill levels. If you are a beginner starting your musical journey, Chord AI will be the perfect companion to help you play your favorite songs without complicated music theory. On the other hand, for experienced musicians looking to decipher the intricate details of complex songs, Chord AI can be an efficient transcription tool. It can also help decipher unusual codes not usually found on standard elements. No matter where you are on your musical journey, Chord AI is here to help!

A world-class chord library in your hands

Chord AI offers an impressive selection of chords in its basic version. (Major, Major, Minor, Extra, Diminished, Seventh, M7, Suspended (sus2, sus4). But the real treasure is in the Pro version. Recognize thousands of advanced chords with one in-app purchase. The Pro version uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to create power chords, half-diminished chords, Dim7, M7b5, M7#5, Add9, Add11, Add#11 You can identify various codes such as , AddB13, Add13, etc. above. It’s like having a huge codebook in your pocket!

The melody maestro that never stops

A unique feature that sets Chord AI apart is its ability to work offline. Yes, you read that correctly! You don’t need an internet connection to use Chord AI (except to play songs from streaming services). So whether you’re in a remote location or just want to save your data, Chord AI allows you to continue your musical practice unhindered.

Internal Features of CHORD AI

Chord AI works in a very attractive way. Three advanced methods are used to identify codes. First, it uses your device’s microphone to analyze all the songs playing around you. Results are displayed in real-time, and you can even go back in time and play the song whose code appears on the timeline. This is especially useful when practicing complex parts of a song. You can then process any audio files on your device and encode your entire production in seconds. Finally, Chord AI is designed to be compatible with major audio and video streaming services, further expanding its capabilities.

Chord AI is more than just an app, it’s a revolution in the world of music. Finally, please share your Chord AI experience with us at [email protected]. Your feedback is important as we continue to develop this technology and make the world a more harmonious place. Embark on a musical journey with Chord AI, the key to musical perfection.

What's new

New in Chord ai:
- Bug fix: Crash on low performance devices ⚡
- Improved chord recognition (new model 🎸🎹)
- Improved lyrics transcription 🎤
- Export playlists and Google Drive sync 💾


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