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Botworld Adventure is an exciting role-playing game that immerses players in a vast open-world filled with diverse monsters. As players explore this expansive universe, they collect scrap materials scattered throughout the environment. These scraps are essential for upgrading their robots, enhancing their strength.

The game’s combat system is unique. Unlike typical battles in other games, players engage in tight, strategic fights within limited spaces. Additionally, they can utilize reserve characters’ skills as legitimate support during these encounters.

Key Features:

  1. Expansive Exploration:
    • The open-world design allows players to explore various areas, including jungles and dangerous dark forests.
    • Rare items and hidden treasures are scattered throughout the world, adding excitement to the exploration.
  2. Strategic Battle System:
    • Battles against enemies require both skill and strategy.
    • Advanced AI tactics challenge players, and customizable abilities allow them to optimize their team’s strengths.
    • Players actively participate in battles by controlling any army on the field.
  3. Collect & Customize:
    • Collecting materials and resources is crucial for upgrading robots.
    • Unlocking new characters and building an extensive bot collection adds to the game’s excitement.
    • Deep customization options enhance characters’ abilities.
  4. Choose Your Character:
    • Players select a representative character to build their squad around.
    • The game offers a rich variety of mascots, including dogs, cats, buffaloes, and lizards, each with unique traits.


What's new

Target enemy bots behind you with the new Epic Sniper bot in the Season of Duality in Update 1.22!

• New Epic Bot: Backfire is an Epic Sniper that fires homing plasma shots both forwards and backwards
• New Season Pass: The Season of Duality begins, providing access to a new Backfire, new cosmetics and loads of scrap
• New Legendary Booster



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