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BeautyPlus is a handy photo editing and photography app that makes every photo you take look beautiful. It will help you spend your time experiencing the application’s exciting features and get rid of unwanted elements and imperfections in your photos.At the same time, colorful elements are practical things that you can easily add to your photos. So it will bring you an exciting experience.

Beautiful retouching tools

The main use that pleases all users, especially women, is to turn ordinary photos into impressive ones. The characters in the photo can only be beautified with BeautyPlus. At the same time, the application can intervene in many elements within the image and adapt them to the user’s wishes. So you will be absolutely amazed at what it can do for you.

Treatment of face parts to your favorite proportions

The first feature you will learn in BeautyPlus is the ability to get good photos in no time by adjusting the elements to the required proportions. Especially if you decide to edit it, it will conveniently show you where you can change it, and of course, it will quickly erase blemishes and other blemishes. Depending on the number, automatic or manual processing should be considered.

Easy and beautiful without makeup

The interesting thing about Beauty Plus is the makeup function that makes anyone beautiful. In particular, you can easily add makeup elements to specific parts such as the eyes and mouth. In just a few simple steps, you can instantly see how your photos have changed completely. So the next task is to make the surrounding scene impressive and character-appropriate.

Easily restore items and environments

Even if you take a good photo, you may encounter problems such as being caught in the photo and having to take the photo again, which takes a lot of time. This gives the in-app AI itself a nice touch when you need to colorize unwanted elements in an image. All of them must be entered correctly as they will disappear soon. Additionally, you can easily replace some elements in the image.

Add striking colorful elements

You can add unique elements to your photos, such as beautiful filters, short texts, and different types of stickers. As for filters, there are over 200 filters that you can use and adjust to match the colors in your photos. At the same time, you can add attractive text in various formats. The application supports a variety of stickers, including regular stickers and AR stickers, to make your cat ears photos stand out.

Take stunning selfies with many features

In BeautyPlus, users can find photo features that enable both photo editing and parallel shooting for convenient use. The photo feature also has the same editing features as above. You should spend some time setting up these features before editing them. Therefore, before taking a selfie, you should save statistics related to customization features.


  • BeautyPlus-AI Photo/Video Edit Screenshot
  • BeautyPlus-AI Photo/Video Edit Screenshot
  • BeautyPlus-AI Photo/Video Edit Screenshot
  • BeautyPlus-AI Photo/Video Edit Screenshot
  • BeautyPlus-AI Photo/Video Edit Screenshot
  • BeautyPlus-AI Photo/Video Edit Screenshot
  • BeautyPlus-AI Photo/Video Edit Screenshot
  • BeautyPlus-AI Photo/Video Edit Screenshot

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