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Here is maths formulas pack for all android users.
This app has 1000+ math formula and more to come.
Now no need to make paper notes to remember mathematics formulas just have this app put all the formulas on your favourite phones.

you’ll find formulas very simply explained in app with necessary figures will help you to understand very easily.

*****Formulas covered in this app*****
– Factoring formulas
– Product formulas
– Roots formula
– Powers formula
– Logarithmic formula
– Useful equations
– Complex number
– Binomial theorem
– Cone
– Cylinder
– Isosceles Triangle
– Square
– Sphere
– Rectangle
– Rhombus
– Parallelogram
– Trapezoid
Analytical Geometry
– 2-D coordinate system
– Circle
– Hyperbola
– Ellipse
– Parabola
– Limits formula
– Properties of derivative
– General derivative formula
– Trigonometric functions
– Inverse Trigonometric functions
– Hyperbolic functions
– Inverse Hyperbolic functions
– Properties of Integration
– Integration of rational functions
– Integration of Trigonometric functions
– Integration of Hyperbolic functions
– Integration of Exponential and log functions
– Basics of Trigonometry
– General Trigonometry formula
– Sine, Cosine rule
– Table of Angle
– Angle transformation
– Half/Double/Multiple angle formula
– Sum of functions
– Product of functions
– Powers of functions
– Euler’s formula
– Allied angles table
– Negative angle identities
Laplace transform
– Properties of Laplace transform
– Functions of Laplace transform
– Fourier series
– Fourier transform operations
– Table of Fourier transform
– Arithmetic series
– Geometric series
– Finite series
– Binomial series
– Power series expansions
Numerical methods
– Lagrange, newton’s Interpolation
– Newton’s forward/backward difference
– Numerical integration
– Roots of equation
Vector calculus
– vector identities
– Basics of probability
– Expectation
– Variance
– Distributions
– Permutations
– Combinations
Beta Gamma
– Beta functions
– Gamma functions
– Beta-gamma relation
Z – Transform
– Properties of z- transform
– Some common pairs

We’re planning to add all the possible maths formulas in the app day by day.
Goal of app is to cover all the maths formulas in the app.
so please stay tuned with us.

What’s New
Formula error fixed in geometric series (nth term) – Thanks to Mr. Brent Carter
Bug fixed.

PRO feature unlocked


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  • All Math formula Screenshot
  • All Math formula Screenshot
  • All Math formula Screenshot
  • All Math formula Screenshot
  • All Math formula Screenshot
  • All Math formula Screenshot

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