Alined is a Light theme for substratum with line art iconography and completely vector based construction. It comes with Dark overlays for select apps!


• It is a light theme with dark overlay option for some apps
• You should have Substratum App installed in your phone –
• Theme supports android 7.0+ roms with OMS support
• Before applying Dark Theme overlays apply all the Light Theme overlays
• Supported Roms so far are AICP, AOSIP, AOSPA, AOKP, Pure Nexus, AOSP Extended, DU, and RR
• Try it with legacy or Samsung devices at your own risk. It is not officially supported
• xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi devices are supported


• Dark and Light overlays
• Framework
• Selectable Main, accent and background shades
• Status Bar and Quicksettings
• Navigation Bar and Smartbar
• Battery Icons
• System Apps and Third party apps
• Fonts
• Wallpapers


• Framework & Dialogs
• Settings
• AOSP Dialer
• AOSP Contacts
• Files
• Substratum
• Phone
• Messaging
• Google Dialer
• Google Calculator
• Calculator
• And more…


  • Alined Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Alined Substratum Theme Screenshot


Alined Substratum Theme v1.1 [Patched] | Mirror