It is not another remote control app. Read description to know whyit is totally different from other remote controls!

AIO Remote stands for All In One Remote, You can control any application ever on your computer through WIFI, Bluetooth by creating your own fully customized custom remotecontrols.

Windows, Linux and Mac are supported.

Control another Android device (Beta)

There is a predefined set of remotes to control mouse, keyboard,slide show, file manager and media players

Aio Remote is downloaded more than 500 000 times on Android andmore than 1000 000 times on all platforms

Aio Remote won many competitions:
– Second Place in Samsung Egypt Android competition
– Egyptian Ministry of communication competition
– One of best 10 innovative ideas in Mobily competition
– Plus many international and local websites wrote good reviewsabout Aio Remote (AndroidZoom,ArDroid,…etc)

Key Features:
1- Control PC, Control Another Android phone/tablet(Beta).
2- WIFI & Bluetooth are supported.
3- Windows, Linux and Mac are supported.
4- Advanced custom remote designer lets you create custom remotesto control any app ever. Possibilities are limited only by yourimagination!
5- Share your created remotes with all users around the world usingour Online Custom Remotes Gallery.
6- Remote File Manager: Browse your files remotely and open them onyour computer or Android device.
7- Advanced Mouse touchpad control.
8- Keyboard control.
9- Powepoint / slide show control.
10- Game controller with multi-touch support. and ability to designunlimited number of custom gamepads.
11- You can use up to 4 mobile devices as 4 game pads to play gameson your PC/Android device remotely with your friends.
12- Control common media players (windows media player, Mediaplayer classic, winamp, VLC, Banshee, Totem )
13 – Support for Hacker’s keyboard to simulate computerALT,CTRL,Arrows,Function keys,etc
14- Support for Swype,Go,SwiftKey keyboard
15- Support voice writing


  • AIO Remote Screenshot
  • AIO Remote Screenshot
  • AIO Remote Screenshot
  • AIO Remote Screenshot
  • AIO Remote Screenshot
  • AIO Remote Screenshot
  • AIO Remote Screenshot
  • AIO Remote Screenshot


AIO Remote Pro v3.5.4.1 / Alternative Link