Use this app to quickly and easily view, with a stereoscope or Cardboard VR viewer, your 3D stereo photo portfolios stored on your phone or on the Web.

The 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer displays side-by-side (stereoscopic parallel) photos stored on your phone or in many Web page photo galleries. You can access stereo photos embedded in Web pages or galleries using a QR code URL links, from a clipboard URL link via the menu or from a Settings option.

The app supports the 3D stereo file formats MPO and JPS and parallel (side-by-side) left/right JPG, PNG files. It also displays individual left/right files with filenames ending in _L or _R. You can swap left and right photos using a Settings option or remote bluetooth key controller.

Capture 3D photos using a Camera Cha-Cha technique function launched from the menu, or volume up button.

The app displays stereo photos intended for viewing with a smartphone stereoscope, such as a Lorgnette stereoscope, the Cyclopital3d View-Vaster stereoscope, or Google Cardboard type viewers. Enter the Cardboard VR viewing mode with menu option or configurable long press on the screen and insert your phone into the viewer.

With a Cardboard VR viewer you can zoom in and out of a stereo photo by rolling the viewer right (zoom-in) or left (zoom-out). With the zoom feature you can see more detail in high resolution photos up to 4K in size on a smaller resolution phone. And by zooming out you can see foreground subjects more clearly. To re-position the image look up or down (pitch), or left and right (yaw). This will move the photo where you want to see image detail when zooming in.


  • 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer Screenshot
  • 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer Screenshot
  • 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer Screenshot
  • 3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer Screenshot


3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer v1.4.4 / Mirror

Older Version

3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer v1.4.3 / Mirror

3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer v1.2.7 / Alternative Link