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Users want a powerful search engine and Xbrowser is the tool that meets their needs. This application always gives the user an objective point of view and provides all the necessary information. More precisely, there are always optimal updates and improvements to the application to achieve the goals of each user. The application has a wide range of useful features that users can quickly select to suit their needs.

Provide a variety of information

Users select applications to find useful information. More precisely, the application offers a wide range of information closely related to your search. Providing a wide range of information is easy to choose from and can meet users’ needs in this area.

Voice search

The application supports effective voice search. Users can also choose from different forms of search, but voice search remains the most valuable. With this form, the results are immediate and the selection does not take long. Contains no interrupting ads

This application has one major highlight.
Ads associated with searches are not included. This allows applications to limit false information or limit unwanted information theft.

New interface

Numerous new application interfaces have been updated to meet the needs of each of us. The application always prioritizes choosing a user-friendly and simple interface to limit heavy battery consumption.At this point, you can also design a new interface yourself to meet your unique needs.

Quick read mode

The application has a modern speed reading mode, effective for all users. More specifically, users can choose to read valuable articles. This fast read mode helps you filter out more useful information, and filtering information always has a special effect on the user.

Total security

In this application you will come across absolute security features. Information security is very important as it can limit malicious sources. More specifically, users can choose one of their own forms of security, such as using a barcode, fingerprint scan, or key ID address.

Save search information

Users can instantly choose how to save certain search information. This allows you to view and save the information you need later, so you can easily find it when you need it. In addition, the application also supports a top secret storage mode where users can protect their own information, important information.

Integrated special keyboard shortcuts

Users can customize their own shortcuts on the main screen to make searching more convenient. This link will be incorporated into various functions. Back up documents, read articles, and provide information so users have a quick choice when they need it.


● Disabled/removed:
– Analytics;
– Wakelock permission;
– Logging;
– Debug information.
● Languages ​​Russian and English.
● Disabled audio/video player ‘sleep’ when the screen turns off.
● Optimization/ZipAlign.
● Will accept user certificates.
● Replaced browser icon, logo and icons inside.
● After the exit does not hang in active processes.

Download Links

XBrowser v4.2.1 [Mod] APK / Mirror

XBrowser v3.8.5 [Mod] APK / Mirror

XBrowser v3.4.6 [Mod] APK / Mirror

What's new

- The Grease Monkey Script Registration menu supports group display and disabling/enabling scripts for separate sites. (Page Tools menu)
- Support exporting customized blocking rules
- Support exporting offline backup files


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  1. …hey man, thankyou for your job… but…the QA -quick access doesnt work in this release ? why

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