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Wi-Fi Visualizer

Your device will be “Wi-Fi Analyzer”!
By visualizing the Wi-Fi environment, you can prevent and resolve troubles of Wi-Fi.

It is convenient for site survey (preliminary survey) before introducing wireless LAN, and confirmation of radio wave condition after introduction.

“WiFi Analyzer” can solved the trouble of Wi-Fi. For example, Wi-Fi is slowly, Cannot connect to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi is connected but cannnot connect to Internet, etc.

[Information on connected Wi-Fi]
You can check the status of the currently connected Wi-Fi network.
It is useful for isolating troubles. (For example, Connected to Wi-Fi but cannot connect to the Internet)

– Connection destination (SSID, BSSID)
– Signal strength (RSSI)
– Channel (Frequency)
– Channel Width *Only Android 6.0 or later
– Link Speed

Solve when can not connect to the Internet
– Open the web-based setting page of the router.
– Open web authentication page when connected to “public Wi-Fi spot”.

[Scan the surrounding Wi-Fi]
You can scan the surrounding Wi-Fi and visualize the congestion of the channel and signal strength as a graph.
It is useful for site survey (preliminary survey) before introduction of wireless LAN.

[Display the Heatmap] * Android 3.0 or later only
You can map the signal strength and Link Speed of the currently connected Wi-Fi network on the floor map and visualize it as a heat map.
It is useful for checking the Wi-Fi condition after introduction.

[Display the Network Map]
Display the current network status as a map.
It is convenient for isolating the cause when you can not connect to the Internet or when it can not communicate with the device.
* This app detects devices by UPnP (SSDP) and ARP table. If device is not supported these protocol, app can not detect the device.

Display the connection status to the Internet
– Check if web authentication page exists
– Time of Ping to web site (google.com).

Display of network devices on Wi-Fi network
– Router
– Switch
– PC

Open “Web-based setup page”
– You can also open the ” Web-based setup page” with the browser by clicking the device.

[Real-Time Chart of Signal Strength]
Periodically, Wi-Fi Visualizer checks the RSSI of the currently connected Wi-Fi, and shows the chart of RSSI in real time.
It is convenient for checking that Wi-Fi Coverage is good in your house.
When installing a new repeater, you can investigate the point that radio waves are decaying. And, after a new repeater was installed, you can check that Wi-Fi roaming is working good.

[Connect to Wi-Fi by WPS] * Android 5.0 or later only
Setup Wi-Fi by 1 Tap. This uses WPS of Android OS, so supporting many devices.

What’s New
– On the list of scan results, the center channel is displayed when the bandwidth is 40 MHz or more.
– Fixed a bug that the bandwidth may not be correct on the graph of scan results.
– Fixed a minor problem.

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  • Wi-Fi Visualizer Screenshot
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