[Substratum] Luminous Theme v3.1.1 [Patched] [Latest]

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[Substratum] Luminous Theme

DISCLAIMER : You must use a Nougat ROM that fully supports OMS/Substratum theming! You may get errors if you are still on Marshmallow.

Read the instructions below before applying theme!!!

1. Install Substratum
2. Install Luminous
3. Run Substratum app, allow the SuperSU permission, allow modify system settings
4. Click on Luminous (big button in the Substratum app) and wait to recreate caches and click again
5. Select all the overlays
6. Make sure you choose the options you’d like for Android, Settings and SystemUI.
7. Press the fab button (big round button with brush icon)
8. Press Compile and Enable
9. Restart SystemUI from Substratum app if needed

Applications Themed:
– AOSP Calculator
– AOSP Clock
– AOSP Contacts
– AOSP Dialer
– AOSP Keyboard
– AOSP Messaging
– AOSP Package Installer
– CellBroadcastReceiver
– Chrome
– Chrome Beta
– Chrome Dev
– Chromium
– DocumentsUI
– DU Apps
– Emergency
– Framework (Light)
– Gmail
– Google Calculator
– Google Contacts
– Google Clock
– Google Dialer
– Google Keep
– Google Keyboard
– Google Messenger
– Google App
– Google Opinion Rewards
– Google Package Installer
– Google Photos
– Google Play Services
– Google Play Music
– Google+
– Google Voice
– Hangouts
– Inbox
– Kernel Adiutor
– Lock Clock
– Media Provider
– Nova Launcher Beta
– Package Installer
– Phone
– Pixel Launcher (Flash TBO ZIP first)
– Play Console
– Play Store
– Pure Nexus Settings
– Pure Tools
– Root Explorer
– Settings with Custom Icons
– SMS Backup and Restore
– Spotify
– SuperSU
– SystemUI
– Telecom
– TeleService
– Textra
– YouTube


Fixed FC in substratum when opening for Nougat version
Fixed Custom QS Icons Layer so it doesn’t FC
Themed switchbar in settings correctly
Fixed opaque qs options for SystemUI for 8.1
Updated Google Calendar to 7.4.1
Updated Google App Icons and bar
Updated substratum bottom bar icons
Added more custom settings icons for 8.0+
Fixed call fab in Google Dialer


  • [Substratum] Luminous Theme Screenshot
  • [Substratum] Luminous Theme Screenshot
  • [Substratum] Luminous Theme Screenshot
  • [Substratum] Luminous Theme Screenshot
  • [Substratum] Luminous Theme Screenshot
  • [Substratum] Luminous Theme Screenshot
  • [Substratum] Luminous Theme Screenshot
  • [Substratum] Luminous Theme Screenshot


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