Subnettable UNLOCKER

Subnettable UNLOCKER

THIS APP IS NOT A STANDALONE APP! This is only the premium key for the free version! FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID!

Calculates the complete Subnet table & still shows more information!

Calculates :
• network ID
• 1 valid address
• last valid address
• broadcast IP
• class network ID
• class network SNM

More Details :
• class
• network bits
• subnet bits
• host bits
• Magic number
• number of subnets
• number of host per subnet
The functions of the desktop versions will follow soon!
• IP & number of Hosts (in Beta already available)
• other subnets (in Beta already available)
• summary route (in Beta already available)

What’s New
Version 1.2
New icon


  • Subnettable UNLOCKER Screenshot
  • Subnettable UNLOCKER Screenshot
  • Subnettable UNLOCKER Screenshot


Subnettable UNLOCKER v1.2 Patched / Mirror