This is a work in progress project which has the goal to speed performance and extend endurance of smartphone internal flash memory.

Smartphone internal storage uses solid state technology SSD/emmc. Counterpart to lower access time, and less latency of SSD is that its performance may degrade over time: writing after writing, the memory cells show a measurable drop in performance, and will continue degrading throughout the life.

‘SSD Boost’ minimizes writings on your SSD, increasing speed and extending life of your storage: your smartphone will thank you.

Though the main goal of the app is the optimization of flash memory, many users have also experienced (read the reviews) a better responsiveness in the startup of the apps, a longer battery endurance and a decreased temperature of the phone.

Probably because ‘SSD Boost’ app is a workaround to some insane process running in the background, that keeps writing to disc. This has been experienced from Android ICS version to Nougat (both 7.1.1 stock and CM 14.1).

It needs a rooted phone.

Be careful, if you have got one of the following models:
– Samsung Galaxy R.
– Samsung Galaxy SII.
– Samsung Galaxy Note.
– Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
– Samsung Epic 4G Touch.
before installing, check presence of Brickbug (a bug on eMMC chip fw):Ā

Screenshots :

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Downloads :

SSD Boost v1.0.8 [Ad-Free] | Mirror