Route the media audio to (Built-In speaker, Wired Headphones, Wired Headset (with mic), Earpiece, Aux Digital(HDMI), Bluetooth(A2DP), Bluetooth(mono), Bluetooth(mono)(dynamic), Dock(Analog), Dock(Digital)).

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Full Feature List at http://soundabout.userboard.net/t561-feature-list

(Some outputs are enabled for the PRO VERSION only)

Route the phone call audio to (Built in Earpiece, External speaker, Bluetooth (mono), Wired Headphones, Wired Headset (with mic), Dock (Analog), Dock (Digital)
Phone call audio to Bluetoth A2DP(media) NOT allowed in Android.

Announce Callers Names (Caller ID) when they call (needs contact list)

Turn Notifications and Ringtones on and off depending on the audio output being used.

Send Text-To-Speech audio to various outputs with/without delays:

Wired Headset detection – ALLOW or IGNORE the headphone/headset plug in/out detection.
Wired Headset microphone – DETECT or IGNORE that a headset has a microphone when plugged in.

Send audio to Bluetooth headsets and your car’s Bluetooth connection.

What’s New
RESTART phone after installing.
7.11 support.
Fix License activity.
USB audio fix.
New Individual ON/OFF switch for ALL Initial Volume settings (Wired headset and Bluetooth)
Fix Notification Volume and Ringer Volume returning to normal after headset disconnected
Fix issue with Ringer Mode after phone call
Fix issue, in Android 6+ MarshMallow, where RingerMode is wrong after Bluetooth phone call is made.
Older release notes at:


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SoundAbout Pro v2.7.0.1 [Unlocked] / Mirror

Older Version

SoundAbout Pro v2.6.9.4 [Unlocked] / Mirror