Smart Wallpaper will allow you to set a different wallpaper image for different situations. You will not get bored to see the same image all the time!
You can choose a different image based on the this conditions:
Part of the day;
Day of the week;
The WiFi network that you are connected;
Or just select a random list of images.

Some examples:
Set a darker image in the evening, and lighter in the morning.
Set a food related image when you usually have your meals.
Use a different image when you are connected to the office WiFi and the home WiFi.
Select a different image for your working days and for the weekend.

… and much more!
Please write at if you find some bug, or if you wish for some feature!


  • Small changes to comply with Unsplash API term & conditions.


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Download Links

  Smart Wallpaper v2.7.133.PR [Premium] APK / Alternative Link