Small, innovative and useful utility, allowing you to automate the screen turning on/off based on proximity.

✔ Automatically wake up the device when you open the flip cover, take the device out of pocket/bag, etc.;
✔ Automatically turn the screen off when you close the flip cover, put the device in pocket/bag, etc. (as long as the sensor remains blocked) and optionally lock the device after set amount of time (to make the screen stay off, even if the sensor gets unblocked);
✔ Autostart on boot of the phone;
✔ Fully customizable.

Included premium options:
✔ Status bar icon – if you really don’t want it and are willing to risk the service being killed for memory;
✔ Excluded apps – a list of apps which would disable the Smart Screen service while they are being used;
✔ Lock sound – choose a lock notification sound;
✔ Only in portrait – whether the “Screen Off” should work only when the screen is in portrait mode;
✔ Only on Home Screen – whether the “Screen Off” should work only when you are on the Home Screen;

Additional benefits of this Pro version:
✔ New, clean and effective implementation;
✔ Minimal app size;
✔ Significantly lower RAM usage;
✔ Full-range time settings – set them to as long as you like;
✔ Ability to Pause/Resume the service from a button in the notification;
✔ No ads;
✔ No subscription;


  • Smart Screen Pro Screenshot
  • Smart Screen Pro Screenshot
  • Smart Screen Pro Screenshot


Smart Screen Pro v1.03 / Alternative Link