ShotOn for Vivo

ShotOn for Vivo automatically decorates all your pre-captured gallery photographs stunningly with three contrasting Shot on labels i.e Shot On Device name, Shot by Signature text as well as Shot On Watermark Logo.

All you need is to manually choose your desired image from your pre-captured gallery photos and with just a single time set up ShotOn stamp will be added successfully.

☞ Techniques to add them?

✰Option 1:
Manually select your favourite photo from device gallery. Choose and add from default catalog of ShotOn device Model Name as well as Shot On Brand Logo and it will be added instantly.

✰Option 2:
Manually select your favourite photo from device gallery.Tap Advance Option (+) and customize your own Shot On model name as well as you can even import to add your own desired Shoton watermark logo.

✨Highlighted Offerings for you :

✔ Varieties of Fascinated Font Formats.
You are offered a list of fancy font styles to choose from according to your image look and feel.

✔ Resizable Font dimensions.
Custom your font size according to your need and requirement without losing your image attractiveness.

✔ Changeable Shot on tag positions
Place your shot On tag at 4 different areas as you wish to and make it look more stunningly.

✔ Insert your own Shoton Logo
You can easily Import, edit and add your own brand logo as per your wish and requirement.

✔ Custom “ShotOn text” tag
Edit and rewrite your own ShotOn tag even if your device name is not listed in the catalog.

➺ All the above mentioned features are highlighted just for you to frame up your pre-captured gallery photos easily. Additionally it has developed with the most easiest user-interface which makes you to label your photos with ”ShotOn“ like a pro!

You might be thinking after tapping, editing, rewriting and creating your own stamp , what if it doesn’t goes up with the image ? Therefore, we have perk to uplift your photo more delightfully. You can easily preview every single stamp before adding it permanently.

✨ What are the uses ?
➺To elegantly decorate your photograph
➺To exhibit your mobile handset while sharing socially
➺To showcase your photography skills.
➺To publicize your device brand.
➺To protect your photos from being transcribed.

♔Why us ?
✌ Specially developed for Vivo users to add ShotOn’s to Gallery Photos.
✌ A Total Freebie App to Recreate Pre-captured Photos.
✌ Effortless User-Interface which can be adopted by everyone.

If you are looking to level up all your photographs with the newest ShotOn features of a smartphone, then there cannot be a better app than this. Download it now to elegantly furnish all your gallery photos easily!

● Premium features Unlocked

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