Turn your screen on and off by simply shaking your phone.

Avoid breaking your power button. Just shake your phone and lock or unlock it.

IT WILL NOT DRAIN YOUR BATTERY. On device’s up to Android KitKat 4.4, the battery consumption should be minimal. On device’s running Android 5+, due to an Android bug, there will be more battery being used, but it still should not be a huge amount. I did all I could to make the app work on Android 5+, and so I rather make it work, even if more battery is necessary to keep it working.

My main focus when I implemented the app was on not draining the battery, and it won’t. Let it run for a day and then check the app’s battery consumption. It should be minimal (as opposed to other “Shake to turn the screen on and off” and “Shake to Lock and Unlock” apps on Google Play.

This is the PRO version of the app ‘Shake to Screen On Off’. On the PRO version:

1 – no ads are displayed.
2 – the user can choose to start the app automatically after the device is turned on.
3 – the app can be set to unlock the screen automatically when the screen is turned back on.
4 – the app can use the proximity sensor to avoid accidentally turning on the screen when the device is on a pocket, for instance.
5 – The device can be set to vibrate every time the screen is turned on or off.


  • Shake Screen On Off PRO Screenshot
  • Shake Screen On Off PRO Screenshot

Download Links

Shake Screen On Off PRO v3.1-SSOOP / Alternative Link