Scanner Pro is quick and easy to use, No Needto Hold your Camera Still just place your document and scan, the document will be converted to PDF and jpeg; ready to save, sharewith e-mails and even more.

Features Scanner Pro :
Camera Scan, ( Original, Black and White,Grayscale),
– Flash On -Off
– Preview Thumbnail,
– Corner Selection,
– Save Format in PDF and jpg.,
– Crop Next Save,
– Add files to ( Dropbox, Google Drive and even more),
– Save And Share Via, (Cloud, Gmail, Email, ChatON, WeChat,Whatsapp, G+,Wi – Fi Direct and even more.,

Features QR Code Scanner :
– Camera Scan,
– Direct Point Scan,
– Get direct Link,
– Save Link,
– Search Contents,
– Share Link Via, ( Gmail, Email, SMS, ChatON, WeChat, Whatsapp, G+,Wi – Fi Direct and even more,
– Open Link, ( Browser, Direct…,

Features QR Code List :-
– Camera Scan,
– Scanned Code List with Link ,Date and Time,
– Send Code List or Select Code to share ,Via ( Gmail, Email, SMS,ChatON, WeChat, Whatsapp, G+,Wi – Fi Direct and even more…,
– Add Codes to Dropbox, Cloud,
– Search Contents,

Features Bar Code Scanner :-
– Camera Scan,
– Scanned list Number with Image Logo , Date and Time,
– Code List with Logo Link and Number,
– Edit Code clear List.


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Scanner Pro v3.2.1 / Alternative Link