Probably it already happened that you gave your phone to someone to show a picture (or some) and they did not only view the ones you wanted them to see. This apps help you to avoid such situations.

(1) Simple Mode

This just allows you to show a set of pictures to someone you trust, but who may not be that familiar with modern phones. Sometimes parents or grand parents are like that. They can’t accidently swipe to a picture they are not supposed to see…

(2) Safe Mode

This disallows others to exit your app (you can password protect it). So they can only see the selected pictures you want them to see. The can’t go to another app and watch other pictures and they can’t search through your phone for something interesting.


Select your pictures in a picture app of your desire and just share the selected picture with this app. This will start the picture show that let others only swipe through the selected pictures and saves your privacy.


  • the app remembers your shows (how many can be defined in the app) and you can just reshow        them whenever you want
  • you can enable, that the screen stays awake (on) while the show is active
  • set your own password or disable the password protection
  • of course, zooming and panning is possible
  • play/pause videos by clicking on the video


* Show some pictures to your children, parents or a a friend

You want to show a set of picutres to your children or your parents and you want to be sure, that they don’t accidently see some pictures that may not be appropriate for them (maybe just a joke about a subject that may be embarrasing to talk about with your parents for example) or that may be privat (like some pictures your boy or girl friend have send to you)

* hand around your phone in a group

You may want to show some funny pictures or your holiday pictures to your friends and give them your phone. Most of us have some funny friends that never listen to you and are very curious and then they start looking through your photos or your phone and search for something embarrassing or funny.

Any feedback is welcome. If you have any suggestions, wishes or improvements, just tell me.

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE… to read the images
SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW… to disallow others to go to another app

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