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Photo Mate R3 offers a photo library where you can filter and sort all your files based on metadata like camera,aperture or ISO as well as custom ratings, labels and keywords. The library can handle jpg as well as almost any camera-raw format. You can rate, label and keyword your images and Photo Mate generates universal XMP-Sidefiles which are also compatible with desktop programs.

View your images!
Photo Mate offers a solution to view your images along with all important exif-information like exposure, aperture or ISO. Furthermore, you can view and rate images side-by-side so you can pick the best images from your selection.

Develop and edit your images!
Photo Mate offers a non-destructive editing solution. You can decode and edit raw-files to have full control over whitebalance and exposure, as well as post-process any jpg images.
You may use all common editing tools like Exposure, Contrast, Lights, Shadows, Clarity, Vibrance or even Lens-Based adjustments. Photo Mate also comes with a Lens-Collection so you can auto-correct distortion, vignetting or chromaticaberration.

If you want to fine-tune your image, you may use Curves or Layer-Based adjustments like Gradient, Brush, Lasso or even Threshold-Based!

This update includes a new feature to access storages which are not directly mounted by the device (e.g. external hard drives).
Also, improved support for mouse devices and some language fixes for French users (thanks to Peter Rex)

Cracked Info:

  • PREMIUM features Unlocked
  • Maps Location work
  • Analytics Disabled

MOD Lite

  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
  • Analytics Disabled;
  • Encrypted all resources;
  • Support for armv7 only;
  • Languages: En, Ru.


  • Photo Mate R3 Screenshot
  • Photo Mate R3 Screenshot

Download Links: 

Photo Mate R3 Premium v3.4 Cracked APK / Mirror

Photo Mate R3 Premium v3.1.4 [Mod Lite] APK / Mirror