Phocus helps you to edit the backgrounds of your photographs in a unique way. It adds depth of field to the subject by blurring the background automatically.
Simple design with the advanced face-body recognition technology we use in the background will give you what are looking for.


Just add your photo to Phocus and tap magic wand for the automatic background blur process.
Phocus app intelligence works for perfect recognition. #phocusportraitmode


Don’t you want to add a more aesthetic feel to your photos? Color splash is for you. Get cool photos with grayscale background.


Are not you tired of flat and shallow filters? Phocus: Color Blend offers you an extraordinary filtering. Choose the color you want and filter that background with that color. If you want, try this while background is blurred. You will be in the foreground and fantastic!


What’s New

  • Camera Features has been added.
  • User Interface has been improved.
  • Subscription based new features have been added.
  • General bug fix has been maded.
  • Mono Lighting and Portrait Lighting Effects have been improved.
  • You will really like it.


  • Phocus: Porträtmodus-Editor Screenshot
  • Phocus: Porträtmodus-Editor Screenshot

Download Links

Phocus Portrait Mode  Portrait Lighting Editor v13.1.3 Paid APK / Link / Link / Link