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Do you have a lot of accounts, passwords and information to manage like emails, bank accounts, insurance details, credit cards, id cards, website passwords, utilities and bills, addresses, jobs and other personal details at your home or office?

Do you often fail to remember the exponentially increasing information and passwords and falter to get your account and related details when you need it?

Are you still using your phone contacts or notes app to manage your accounts arbitrary or worse still writing down your passwords on a piece of paper?

Well you are not alone!

With Personal Vault, your password manager, we aim to provide a very simple and intuitive app that manages your passwords and keep all your personal records at one place and easily access them right when you need it.

Safety is our top priority, to the point that we keep absolutely zero user information and all stays with its rightful owner – that is you!
Needless to say all information in password manager is encrypted based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and backup and restore functionality is provided to easily port your details across your Android devices.

Although simple and intuitive, this password manager provides a number of features allowing you to:

  • Create master login account into the Vault. It will be your single login access to view and manage all your personal records and passwords.
  • Create multiple master logins. Like if you wish to separate your personal and official accounts you can create multiple master logins.
  • Dual login capability using password or PIN for quick and fast login.
  • Easily categorize your records by creating a category including visual color categorization.
  • Manage your account records by details like username, password, URL, notes and tags for searching.
  • You don’t like the order of fields or wish you had new fields. Take advantage of creating fully customizable and reusable fields with easy “tap & add” feature while creating or editing records and managing them via Settings. **New in 2.5
  • Easily sort the records and search with any text on the record details.
  • Share the record details, if you wish, with your friends and family (e.g. share bank details with someone who owes you money) without compromising sensitive details.
  • Delete and archive old records with a simple swipe.
  • Backup and Restore functionality to easily port your details across your multiple Android devices or when you change your phone.
  • Master password recovery with double security questions.
  • Keep your records safe with you and all your passwords and other sensitive details encrypted. We do not collect any user information and all records are kept only with You.

Personal Vault is your one stop record keeper and password manager and allows you to easily navigate through labyrinth of increasing accounts, passwords and other personal information.
Plus the Vault is completely secure and stays with You!

Download Personal Vault today and get all your account details on your fingertips with this easy to use password manager!

What’s New

  • Auto lock on screen lock and preventing taking screenshots makes it more secure from accidental access or view.
  • Deleted your records accidentally!! Undo feature now lets you quickly recover the deleted records.


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