Internet bandwidth monitor.
Features of NET | Internet Monitor:

  • Bandwidth monitor for 2G, 3G, 4G (EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA,HSDPA+, LTE)
  • Monitor WiFi, GSM, CDMA data usage
  • Internet Speed in notification
  • Tethering data traffic via WIFI
  • Mobile data tracker for Roaming
  • Hotspot data usage – measure wireless traffic for one SSID
  • Schedule plan (your limited Internet data) for mobile traffic. Quota for plan is set with expiration time. Flexible solution if your Internet is limited. Alarm notification can be triggered for various events like daily usage bigger than some value, plan data less than configured value, left days to plan expiration less than defined value and much more. Each alarm can work separate, so you can define several alarm notifications in application.
  • Data usage for applications
  • Billing cycle configuration for mobile and wireless data usage
  • Widgets for plan data usage, mobile and wireless traffic
  • Notifications (support Wear devices)
  • Track historical consumption
  • Alerts for plan data limits
  • Real time traffic monitor (display speed for download and upload transfers)

What’s New

  • fixed issues

Premium features Unlocked
Analytics Disabled



  • NET | Internet Monitor Screenshot
  • NET | Internet Monitor Screenshot

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