This Tasker Plugin allows customization and control of the diverse range of Material Design functions.
This Tasker Plugin integrates directly with the Auto-Apps Suite so you can use your existing Auto-Apps trigger along with this new Material Design plugin!

– Main Features:
• Great replacement for unreliable and slow Tasker Scenes
• Lightweight app!
• Easy to use!
• Many different forms of tutorials to make setup a piece of cake!
• Multiple types of actions to get the exact look/functionality you are looking for
• A great Dev that will make things right if you are having issues with the plugin

Main Actions:
– Navigation Drawer:
• Customize title, title icon, title color, title section color
• Customize a list of items, their icons, text, and text color
• Customize side that the drawer appears
• Customize bottom section that is stationary at the bottom
• Real drawer behavior with dimming, dragging, and dismiss on outside tap

– FAB:
• Customize icon, color, and placement
• Complete any action
• Shows easily and effectively

– Toolbar:
• Customize icon, color, and placement
• Customize menu items, and action bar items
• Customize shows easily and effectively

What’s New
• Drawer now supports HTML again!
• Made drawer items show full text
• Drawer now animates open and close
• Remade lots of layouts using new Constraint
• Made lots of parts of app more efficient
• Fixed lots of crashes


  • Material Design Tasker Plugin Screenshot
  • Material Design Tasker Plugin Screenshot

Downloads: Paid features Unlocked

Material Design Tasker Plugin v6.1 APK / Mirror

Material Design Tasker Plugin v3.9.2 APK / Mirror