Lucid Launcher Pro Final [Patched] APK

Lucid Launcher Pro unlocks various features for Lucid Launcher and will also receive updates earlier than the free version. If you want to request a feature please request on our social network page or Contact us via E-mail.
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Lucid Launcher Pro APK is an Android launcher for users looking for an app with minimalism, comfort and functionality. The application is compact, easy to use, and you get used to it quickly.

Introducing Lucid Launcher Pro

A minimalist launcher with efficient and concise features

What is Launcher?

A popular feature of Android devices is their powerful customization capabilities. iOS, on the other hand, forces you to stick to a specific preinstalled interface from the start. Now on Android, users can redefine the appearance of any page on their device. Users are free to customize the design and functionality to suit their own style and intended use.

And the easiest way to do this customization well is to find the right launcher application.

If you’re looking for a launcher application that offers a brand new user interface in a minimalist style that’s easy to use, intuitive and unique, Lucid Launcher Pro is one of the best choices today.

Lucid Launcher Pro offers a clean user interface

The reason many people prefer to keep their home screen (and internal UI) clean is because the phone’s main functions (email, chat, online – meeting ) because we want to concentrate on , phone). …) instead of worrying about the complex effects of each interface. Moreover, if the phone is always simple and clean, you can quickly select the features you want. It saves a lot of time and effort instead of going through many complicated interface pages over and over again.

In the forest of launcher applications, it’s easy to see that the interface style pursued by Lucid Launcher Pro is almost completely different. It follows a minimalist school that simplifies everything and makes every interface on your Android device clean, uncluttered and easy to look at.

Light Launcher Application won’t take up much storage space

The more complex the images, textures and effects, the harder it is to keep track of updated content and the heavier it is for your device. Lucid Launcher Pro is as minimalist as possible. It’s all about focusing on small and large swatches and interesting color combinations.The goal is to create beautiful, unique and lightweight launcher applications that anyone can use right away.

Highly Customizable Features

Besides having a simple and clean look, Lucid Launcher Pro also helps users dive into customizing each page. Editing icons, text, interfering with icons of other third-party applications… Lucid Launcher Pro makes all these tasks easy.

Many utilities to meet different mobile usage habits

If you are used to using your phone with one hand, Lucid Launcher Pro also provides the ability to scroll the screen vertically. This is very convenient and fairly fast.

Lucid Launcher Pro can also help if you want to change the app location to keep your phone up to date. Simply drag and drop the applications you need onto your home screen for quick access, or long press an icon to place it in the next folder or page.

Additionally, Lucid Launcher Pro also has these handy little features:

  • Hide Apps in Favorites Folder
  • More Pages
  • Create Two Home Pages at the Same Time
  • Create Custom Themes for Sidebar
  • Search Any Application or Folder Hidden Mode
  • Add icon for the folder
  • Choose a color for the folder
  • Display a summary of notifications in a brief form (messages, to-do list, to-do notes, emails, social media activities, etc.)
  • Support Widgets, folders, and shortcuts

These are small features, but when you use them, you will find them convenient, making the process of using the device more dynamic and concise than ever.

Pro Version Unlocks:
*Updates 1 Day Earlier Than Free Version
*Custom Search Text (Look at screenshots)
*Sidebar transparency options
*Ability to hide app label in favorites bar
*More Page Transition Animations
*Vertical Page Transitions (5th Screenshot)
*More Home Pages
*Sidebar Themes (More coming soon)
*Editable Icon Size In Sidebar, Home Page, and App Drawer
*Prioritized Feature Request Implementations VIA Google+


  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot
  • Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot

What's new

☆Bug Fixes
☆Quick drag list of apps when adding to folders/home/favorites
☆Search list of apps when adding apps to folders/home/favorites
☆Quick drag for list of widgets from picker
☆Search list of apps-widget groups when adding widgets from selector
☆Small UI Changes/Improvements
☆Performance Improvements
☆Bug fixes, General Changes, And Improvements


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