Dynamic menu. Now you can make the settings perfectly.
-Real time function
-Wonderful sunsets and sunrise
-Aircraft, shark and fireworks animation.
-Realistic birds
-Sailing ship
-Realistic and moving clouds
-Stars shining at night
-A great night and moon phases
-Scrolling with the touch.
-And many more settings.

You can configure:
You can make settings for each scene separately.
Adjustable moon and sun size.
Adjustable moon and sun position.
Adjustable moon phases
Adjustable cloud quantity.
Adjustable sunset and sunrise start time.
Fixed camera.
On-Off objects : Moon,Sun,Cloud,Ship,
Lighthouse , Shining star and animations.

Supports all tablets and smartphones.
There are no restrictions and no ads


What’s New

  • The menu structure was changed. Now you can make settings for each scene separately.
  • Innovations were made to increase the realism of the application.
  • Night fireworks animation was added. Click on the sky.
  • Sunrise, noon and sunset added plane and shark animation. Click on the sky and the sea.
  • The sunrise and night of the sea was beautiful.
  • Performance improvements and battery usage have been improved.


  • Lighthouse 3D Pro Screenshot
  • Lighthouse 3D Pro Screenshot