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🔥 Indian Train Simulator is the leading Realistic, High-Detail, Hard-Core Train Simulator that captures the Real Life feel of Indian Railways. Featuring stunning scenery and landscape in all our routes and authentic, detailed trains with maximum realism, immersive sound, meticulous captures the smallest details of India.
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Indian Train Simulator is a captivating game that immerses you in the world of train driving. Whether you’re a seasoned rail enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this game offers an impressive simulation experience.

Story Mode Experience

In the latest version of Indian Train Simulator, players can now enjoy an exciting story mode. You step into the shoes of Karthik, a new recruit at Indian Railways. Unfortunately, his first day doesn’t go as planned, leading to a strained relationship with Loco Pilot Sathidar. As you progress, you’ll uncover Karthik’s character development alongside engaging train driving gameplay.

Realistic Train Driving

The heart of the game lies in its detailed train driving experience. You’ll have the opportunity to control various aspects of the train, such as adjusting speed, toggling lights, and more. The realism is impressive, allowing you to adapt your train controls based on the environment and achieve your objectives.

Exploring Different Angles

One of the game’s highlights is the ability to view your train from multiple angles. Using a selection panel, you can explore different compartments, see the driver’s perspective, or even watch your train from an external viewpoint. It’s like being in the conductor’s seat!

Smooth Gameplay

Your primary focus during gameplay is maintaining the train’s speed and stopping accurately at stations. The throttle bar on the right side of the screen helps you adjust speed. Don’t worry about steering – the predetermined path takes care of that. Meanwhile, you’re free to explore the surroundings and enjoy the journey.

Modes of Play

Indian Train Simulator offers three distinct modes:

1. Story Mode

  • Experience Karthik’s journey through different episodes.
  • Witness bike stunts on top of trains in Chennai.
  • Explore Jammu & Kashmir, preventing accidents and hijacks.
  • Contribute to the construction of the Statue of Unity in Gujarat.

2. Custom Mode

  • For seasoned players who crave control:
    • Change tracks dynamically.
    • Master the world-class signaling system.
    • Couple and decouple train cars.
    • Enjoy over 25 camera angles.
    • Detailed driver cabins for each locomotive.
    • Customize passenger coaches.
    • Create your express train routes with dynamic weather.

3. Challenge Mode

  • Test your skills with various campaigns:
    • Race against other trains.
    • Handle long trains with 24 coaches.
    • Experience door-side camera views.

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