The ultimate tool for the serious geocacher when solving multi-caches, powered by Geocaching Live. This buddy app will remember every clue found and will calculate any derived clue or new waypoint for you. Waypoints can be formulas or projections. These and the final cache formula will be evaluated the moment all clues are found and entered. The app can record you parking spot so you’ll be able to return to your car after finding the cache.

Main features
– Manage a list of caches
– Add caches from geocaching.com, opencaching.de, .pl, .us, .nl, .ro or .org.uk
– Prepare a multi-cache at home on the device or using the web interface
– All images embedded in the local description are preloaded: paperless caching!
– Navigate to the parking location
– Enter answers to questions posed at a waypoint
* convert text to value
* Stack counting
* Roman numerals
– Auto-calculate new waypoints using these answers
– Auto-calculate the cache location using all answers found
– In-app compass when navigating to the next waypoint or cache
– In-app Google Maps waypoint overview
– Show a waypoint on an external map app
– Vibration alert when within 25 m of a waypoint
– Document the waypoints with your camera
– Photo album for each individual geocache + ultrazoom photo viewer
– Make notes before or while caching
– Post a log and optional photo on geocaching.com
– Find your way back to the parking
– Backup all information entered for this cache by e-mail
– Restore / transfer cache info from backup e-mail
– Write protect a cache in the list of caches


  • GeoCaching Buddy Screenshot
  • GeoCaching Buddy Screenshot
  • GeoCaching Buddy Screenshot
  • GeoCaching Buddy Screenshot
  • GeoCaching Buddy Screenshot


GeoCaching Buddy v8.0.9 / Alternative Link