Follow App can track other smartphones locations in real time

Just connect to the same location with other Follow App users. Once other Follow App users are nearby, you can make a request to connect.

Start a worldwide-possible live tracking for 60 seconds and look at the position on the map

Unlimited trackings
Start unlimited trackings for another 60 seconds

High Accuracy
Get accurate locations with GPS and network localization

Location History
See the last locations and their addresses 7 days back


Tracking History
Look at the recent tracking traces of the last 7 days

Completion of the possible location of tracking

Coloring the distance traveled according to the speed

Tracking Detail
Look at the exact tracking process back and forth

See how far you are from other users

Altitude, speed
Get more information like altimeter, speed

Address and town
Find the exact address of a user

Check the time of the last possible tracked location

Panoramic View
Look at the environment where a user is located as a panoramic image

User Management
Add or remove more smartphones


Choose a unique user name

Card Types
Change the map views (hybrid, satellite, terrain)

Extended Chart Types
In addition, extended map views such as Grayscale, Night, Retro and maps suitable for cities are available.

Easy operation
Easy and intuitive user interface

Visible proximity
Once a connected Follow App user is nearby, this is more visible

Share the sites with others in social media or whatever else


Geofences that other users have set on you show
Upload an individual profile picture and display it by others
Turn on anonymous visibility for other users within reach.
Speed unit in kilometers per hour or miles per hour.
View device detail information
Remote connection via URL share function
Reset geofence entries
View Geofence detail
speed optimization
Infrastructure improvements


  • Follow - realtime location app using GPS / Network Screenshot
  • Follow - realtime location app using GPS / Network Screenshot