Disney POP TOWN MOD APK (Costume Skill)

🏰 Welcome to Disney POP TOWN—a familiar, yet brand new world of Disney! Solve your way through challenging puzzles, collect unique costumes, and build Disney themed towns in this exciting match 3 adventure! 🏰
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Get ready for an enhanced puzzle experience in Disney POP TOWN. With hundreds of levels to explore, this game offers top-quality puzzles that will keep you entertained. At each level, players solve puzzles by matching three identical characters from the provided selection. But that’s not all—there’s more to discover! You can also restore the city and use a hot air balloon to travel to new locations for exciting missions.

Complete Your Puzzle Challenge

First things first: choose your avatar. Disney POP TOWN features lovable characters, and you get to dress them up in new outfits and accessories. Find the avatar that speaks to you! To gather resources, participate in the system’s puzzle-solving challenges. Each puzzle represents a level to conquer, and when you accept the challenge, you’ll receive your mission. Combine at least three matching characters to create explosive combos. As you progress, collect costumes inspired by Disney cartoons—they become your exclusive collection. Keep building your wardrobe and unlocking new equipment.

Carry Out Construction and Renovation Tasks

The cities in Disney POP TOWN draw inspiration from beloved Disney movies. After completing puzzle challenges, players dive into city-building tasks. The bonuses earned during matches help maintain this activity. The system suggests architecture, color schemes, and arrangements for each project. Under your influence, everything transforms. And don’t forget the hot air balloon—you’ll take a ride to new cities. The construction mission continues until the world changes entirely. Becoming a pro builder won’t be easy; as levels increase, you’ll need more coins.

Become a Master of Mind Games

Disney POP TOWN invites players to tackle Disney character puzzles. Winning requires perfect combinations. Use bonus money to buy new equipment for your character and stand out with beautiful accessories. Restore destroyed structures and complete tasks as you journey from place to place.

What's new

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