Daily Picture Quotes

Daily Picture Quotes

Collection of 4000+ picture quotes that could be shared or downloaded or added on your favorite list.

Featured includes :
Daily Update
– We browse the web and search for fresh and unique quotes that could be added to our        ever growing list. Currently we guaranty 8 new ones daily within a day. The quotes are in      English.
– Love a certain category like inspirational quotes? Open the app with that category daily.

Favorite list
– If you like one of our new quote of that day or any quotes, you could add them in your    favorite list. This list provides you a quick access to share or download something you liked  on a later day. This list is phone only, so no one could see it besides you.

– Have a quote in mind or certain keywords, try searching it within our app. The search will  provide you with some result that you could either share to your social network or add  them on your favorite list.

Create your own image
– If you happen to not like the background from the web, if could create your own image    quote and share it. There are tons of choices on the background, you could even upload  one from your phone or take an image. Fonts are also provided and you could also modify  the font properties like font shadow, size, border, style and others.

Less ads
– We will guarantee to have lesser ads then apps, with only banner ads on most screen and  an interstitial ads after every 10th view on a detail page. If you hate it so much, you can  even remove it by our in app remove ads.

The daily quotes might come from one or more of these topics :
Blessings, Broken Hearted, Feelings, Friendship, Food, Funny, Flirting, Good Morning, Good Night, Goodbye, Inspirational, Life, Love, Letting Go, Moving On, Music, Pick Up Lines, Religious, School, Sad, Sweet, Take Care, Thinking of you, Misc, Thank You, Tragic, Work

What’s New
Fix bugs
New design in background category on design your own quotes


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