Call Monuitor tracks your calls and SMSalongwith your data usage.
It provides an exhaustive and an efficient call and SMS logs and the Data usage than the phone’s inbuilt logs.
It helps the Postpaid users mostly by tracking the call , SMSanddata usage and saving them from paying hefty bills.
The prepaid user too can use it for analyzing their usage.

Our app is very elegant and simple to use for first timeAndroiduser.

– Shows the summary of all your total , current day and remaining usage of Call, Sms and Mobile Data.
– Shows the usage set up.
– User can see the details summary of all the calls, sms and data usages with highest usage at the top.
– User can also see the minute details of the each usage filter by date.
– User can exclude all the toll free numbers and the service number sfrom being tracked.
– Notification on last call duration after each call. User canal so turn it ON/OFF.
– User can calculate the call usage in terms of minutes or seconds.
– Message on connect/ disconnect of mobile data connection. Usercanalso turn it ON/OFF.

All you have to do is set the billing date and just wait for the app to track everything for you.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Call Monitor Pro + Data Usage v1.2 / Alternative Link