A.brain toss

Speak, snap or type your thoughts & Braintoss will send it to your inbox.

Braintoss helps you capture what you need to do or remember and sends it straight to your inbox. Now you can immediately get it off your brain but not forget about it!
– Remind yourself with one tap wherever you are.
– Empty your brain on the spot.
– Complements GTD or Inbox Zero type inbox management.
– Simply speak (driving), take a picture (business card) or type (conference).
– And to make it even easier we will try to transcribe your audio or turn your image into text.

Whenever you have a thought that you don’t want to lose – speak, snap or type it into the Braintoss app and it will be sent to your inbox for later use.

Use Braintoss to capture stuff and send it to your inbox with one tap:
– for any thought/idea/task
– for Business Cards
– for QR Codes
– for receipts

Happy braintossing :)


  • Braintoss Screenshot
  • Braintoss Screenshot
  • Braintoss Screenshot


Braintoss v1.0 / Alternative Link