My original intention was to allow the world’s blocked friends to travel freely in the world.

This is a completely free software, I do not intend to commercial operations, I am just an ordinary developer, so I will not charge the user any fees, and now will not and will not be within my capacity to withstand My original intention was to allow the world’s blocked friends to travel freely in the world. If you like this software, you can pass it on to be a friend around you and let everyone fly freely! So I hope everyone is passing him. To every blockade corner in the world! Thank you again, my original intention — “Let the world’s networks be more free!”

About advertising: Because you need to maintain the node to maintain the need to maintain some ads must be hung up, please understand.

vpn free server:
Mainly used to generate the Shadowsocks account password can be used does not limit the number of connections in Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and other support SS devices. This is the most open Shadowsocks VPN, through the wall around the world network is necessary.

This software does not take the client, the user only needs to generate its own server address and password and can be connected with any Shadowsocks client at high speed.

vpn free server features:
1. browse the world’s Web site at will, open, speed up, experience first class;
2. can be used in any device to support SS without any restrictions (a lot of people say that the computer is not VPN, this can be used on the computer Oh);
3. protection of public WiFi network security, anonymity, untracked;
4. where there is no charge, you can’t find it;
5. Multinational node arbitrarily select;
6.Anonymity vpn proxy
7. as long as I’m still there, you can go on for free.

What’s New:

  • Because of privacy concerns, this version has removed GPS privileges.

MOD Features:

  • Ads removed / disabled
  • Removed metrics and analytics
  • Removed debug information.
  • Optimization


  • Anonymous vpn free server Screenshot
  • Anonymous vpn free server Screenshot

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