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According to The New York Times,”The antivirus industry has a dirty little secret: its products are often not very good at stopping viruses.”
( http://tinyurl.com/NYT-Exposes )
Another tester came to a similar conclusion, “The results, generally speaking, were dismal… Many missed half or more of the spyware apps.”
( http://tinyurl.com/Tech-Exposes )
The reason… Most spyware detection and antispyware apps only scan for known spyware. New and well hidden spyware goes unnoticed, and detecting baseband eavesdropping isn’t even considered.
SPYWARN™ IS DIFFERENT (patent pending)
SpyWarn™ 2.0 is a unique forensic methodology. It provides the functionality to detect all active spyware and real-time eavesdropping by monitoring what the actual infection is doing, and ALL spyware is doing something. 100% effectiveness.
• SpyWarn™ conducts a serious, no-frills spyware evaluation, and it does it better than other apps.
• SpyWarn™ is not just spyware detection. It contains the eBook, “Is My Cell Phone Bugged?”
• SpyWarn™ is about regaining privacy, and keeping snoops out of your life.
1. Take the SURVEY.
This interview is used by counterespionage consulting firm Murray Associates during consultations with their business and government clients. Upon completion, a vulnerability Threat Level for your phone is generated based on your answers. If your Threat Level is low, there is little need to worry. If your Threat Level is medium to high…
2. Start the ANALYSIS.
SpyWarn™ monitors what is happening inside you phone. Your automated analysis includes:• Data amounts moved.
• Data amounts transmitted.
• Data movement timeline graph.
• A list of system processes causing data movements.
• The amount of time your phone is transmitting while you are not using it.
• Transmission time ratio.
• Power levels and consumption.Data from this automatic Analysis is factored into your initial Threat Level; updating your score in real-time.
OTHER SPYWARN™ FEATURES• Real-time Eavesdropping Alert triggers when the microphone and transmitter are on at the same time; a clear indication spyware or baseband remote eavesdropping is happening.
• The eBook version of, “Is My Cell Phone Bugged?” by Kevin D. Murray, CPP, CISM is embedded. (Press MANUAL button, press the top right button.)
• A stored History of every SpyWarn™ test you conduct. Useful for spotting trends, and preserving evidence of a spyware infection.”If you don’t check, you won’t know.”
Download SpyWarn now. Because you never know when spyware will strike.

NOTES• SpyWarn™ versions < 2.0 are no longer supported.
• Detailed instructions and definitions are included in the eBook, information icons, and at http://www.spywarn.com
• Only you get to see the data SpyWarn™ collects.
• Problems or suggestions, please let us know via http://www.counterespionage.com/contact.html.
• SpyWarn™ is an ENGLISH language app. Only this description has been translated.
• If SpyWarn™ helps you please help others with a positive review.Thank you!
The SpyWarn™ Team
Created by a licensed and certified TSCM security consultant for his corporate clients.
Murray Associates, provides electronic eavesdropping detection to business, government, and at-risk individuals. counterespionage.com
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  • SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook Schermata
  • SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook Schermata
  • SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook Schermata
  • SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook Schermata
  • SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook Schermata
  • SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook Schermata
  • SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook Schermata
  • SpyWarn™ Anti-Spyware & eBook Schermata

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