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  1. John Zorn says:

    Hi, it would be very useful if you could fix this app, because it is impossible to find it and also buy it, thank you.

    “Start Hotspot WiFi ★Root”

  2. Lolz says:

    Can you crack phrase express app.

  3. Shahbaz says:

    Hello i need this keyword board full version without ads. can you please provide

  4. karla says:

    Please FreeFliqHQ Fire TV friendly premium

  5. Rohit kumar says:

    Hello Sir,Please upload Bluer for Facebook and messenger pro.This is not like wrappers,it’s made from scratch,it’s not based on web page view, scrolling is fast,it’s better than other wrappers I have used like swipe pro,maki+ etc.

  6. Ascertinate says:

    Shouldn’t be hard. I hope you can make it.

  7. Henrique says:

    Quick Cursor

  8. c says:

    hello this is the app:

    this is the project on github:

    is it possible to make an apk which would be able to show the phone number of the request you receive instead of having the last 3 digits hidden?

  9. pipemanuel says:

    You can upload Cameringo+ (3.4.3) please??