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Solid Explorer is a file management app inspired by the old school file commander applications. It will help you:
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Mod Info:

  • Full / Paid features unlocked – no additional key required;
  • Disattivato / Rimosso permessi indesiderati + Ricevitori + Provider + Servizi;
  • Grafica ottimizzata e zippata e risorse pulite per un caricamento veloce;
  • Permessi per gli annunci / Servizi / Provider rimossi da Android.manifest;
  • I link agli annunci sono stati rimossi e i metodi di invocazione annullati;
  • Visibilità dei layout degli annunci disabilitata;
  • Google Drive Cloud works;
  • Controllo del pacchetto di installazione di Google Play Store disabilitato;
  • Codice di debug rimosso;
  • Startup disabled;
  • Rimuove il nome predefinito dei tag .source dei file java corrispondenti;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabilitati;
  • Work with original plugins;
  • No active trackers or advertisements;
  • Modalità compatibile con AOSP;
  • Lingue: Multi lingue complete;
  • CPU: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
  • DPI dello schermo: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • La firma del pacchetto originale è stata modificata;
  • Rilasciato da Balatan.


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Solid Explorer provides easier file management with just one app. Users can collect information related to downloading or creating new files. On the interface, you can enter basic information, design your own space, and quickly document your storage layout. A special type of encryption developed by the system helps to adequately protect your information. In addition, users can easily operate when they want to backup file information to a new address.

Update has a lot of interesting content

To provide a better user experience, Solid Explorer regularly incorporates feedback on the file creation process and makes many important improvements. First, you can sign up directly for Dropbox without any hassle. A bug that interrupts map and file uploads is fixed. Then you can detect what has been restarted in your client application. Many files saved with special characters are now easily searchable after deletion and editing. Finally, the expected changes will improve OneDrive uploads, increasing the need to improve the bottleneck process as well.

Solid Explorer File ManagerSolid Explorer File Manager apk

Manage files with custom layouts

Users get a robust explorer experience with the most important features of a file manager. This feature allows you to replace fixed-layout charts with spaces that are convenient for you to work with. The new layout also piques interest in boring work-related content. This is an interface that you can customize based on the information you want to store. Saved files are categorized by content, subject matter, or importance to your work or life.

Security Lock Upgrade Operation

Information stored as files in Solid Explorer is strictly controlled by increasing the security level of keys. A few commands let you encrypt and efficiently manage the amount of information in your files. In addition to the encrypted commands displayed, users can easily set a code and password to enter whenever they want to access information within the application.

We’ve improved the experience of this activity by increasing the number of keys and customizing them to your needs. By that tradition, a number or string lock would be the pattern of choice. A fingerprint or face recognition template is considered a modern variation that keeps up with trends and is easy to use.

Manage all your files stored in the cloud or NAS

One of the great features is the extensive management area of ​​the application. If all your information was previously stored in the cloud or on a network hard drive, you have more options. This shows a large amount of system management arising from items stored in intermediate or persistently connected sources. These great features allow you to access information sources stored anywhere, even outside your application.

This is also why you can easily back up moved files to a new location. A high level of comfort and application will help the system become even more acceptable in the future.

Solid Explorer File Manager pro

Experience Modern File Management

Solid Explorer takes and updates old traditional storage methods, turning your file storage space into the perfect place to store all your information. Various formats are introduced to determine how file size affects the space in which it is placed. However, we will continue to welcome reviews and improve the user experience with special updates. Many great lessons about file management are learned with every observation. The next big change could be a trend to watch in the near future. Download them and experience them!


  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Schermata


Solid Explorer v2.8.42 [Unlocked] / Specchio

Solid Explorer v2.8.41 [Unlocked] / Specchio

Solid Explorer v2.8.40 [Unlocked] / Specchio

Plugins for Solid Explorer / Specchio

Icons Pack for Solid Explorer / Specchio

Solid Explorer v2.8.38 [Unlocked] / Specchio


- added support for launcher icon theming

- fixed creating shortcuts from the widget menu
- minor fixes

- performance improvements in SMB client
- ability to enable data encryption when using SMB3
- improved Android 33 compatibility




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