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The app is designed specially for playing audio books.
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Smart AudioBook Player Mod APK is a cozy place for everyone to find and listen to the best audiobooks to relax and read all at the same time manually.

Smart AudioBook Player is a huge library and a great place to listen to high quality audiobooks instead of reading them manually. Listening to books is often a new way to improve your imagination, language skills and many other great things than just reading with your eyes. or change it to suit your personal taste, you can provide the best user experience for everyone.

Smart AudioBook Player apk

Extensive and well-organized library

An extensive library of audiobooks is the first welcome to Smart AudioBook Player for users to discover this type of books for the first time. The library overview interface is well thought out and designed to be user-friendly, so you can easily search for books or use the suggestions available in the system. Users can also customize or change the look and feel of the main her interface to more smoothly search for new books privately or anytime, anywhere.

All the books in the app are audiobooks, so it’s a new way to enjoy books that you can listen to without being able to read them. The most convenient thing is that the application can be connected to other devices to ensure the perfect pronunciation quality to follow all the story developments. As if that wasn’t enough, each book will now be available in more languages, allowing users to choose the appropriate method to enjoy all the content.

Easy controls for audiobook games

Smart AudioBook Player introduces a set of user-friendly and simple controls that anyone can use to control their books and manage their listening time effectively. You can operate these functions from the lock screen or notification bar. This means you can get the most out of your time by doing other things while reading. Many adjustments are also useful for people who interact more to control speed or listen to books with great efficiency.

Get notified about new books in selected genres

The application not only provides users with high-quality audiobooks, but also has an automatic notification feature to notify new book releases. You can also follow multiple authors, narrations, etc. to get your favorite books or pre-select from specific genres. Users can also personalize the notification system for the most exciting discoveries as they accompany the application through various sci-fi and horror audiobook adventures.

Smart AudioBook Player pro

Download novel versions of your favorite books

If audiobook users get bored or just want to feel old fashioned with a smart audiobook player, they can download the included novel version. Nearly all content in the library comes with two versions of the aforementioned him, and users can easily read them through the app. Depending on your personal preferences, you can customize your reading interface or let the system provide the most immersive experience when reading certain types of books with relevant content.

Listen to books offline to save extra time

Audiobooks can be listened to offline, just download once and listen anytime, anywhere, effectively saving your time. If you want to distract yourself from multitasking while listening to your favorite stuff, you can also change the playback speed to make your listening more steady. The personalization that comes with it is also useful and deep, making listening to audiobooks in a relaxed atmosphere feel great no matter what language you speak.

A smart audiobook player is one of the top choices when users want to discover new audiobooks and enjoy the quintessence of them. Listening to books has great benefits for everyone, and even the conditioning that comes with it opens up discoveries to this kind of reading pleasure.

Key features

With a great interface for smooth interaction, our extensive library allows users to explore the endless audiobook wonders.

For an immersive experience, listen to books in the highest quality with engaging or perfectly timed narration.

You can easily control the game and enjoy the entire book entirely from the nimble lock screen or notification bar without accessing native apps.

Organize your personal library to more easily notify you of new books, author’s favorite chapters, narrations, and more.

Get the most out of your reading experience by downloading novels and reading anytime, anywhere, or read another book at the same time.


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  • Smart AudioBook Player Schermata
  • Smart AudioBook Player Schermata
  • Smart AudioBook Player Schermata
  • Smart AudioBook Player Schermata
  • Smart AudioBook Player Schermata
  • Smart AudioBook Player Schermata


Smart AudioBook Player v10.8.8 APK [Full] / Specchio

Smart AudioBook Player v10.8.6 APK [Full] / Specchio

Smart AudioBook Player v10.8.3 APK [Full] / Specchio


+ You can adjust the loudness of the notification when you reset the sleep timer by shaking the phone:
Settings--Sleep timer--Reset notification.

+ You can search for the book description on Goodreads. For this long press on the book in the Library window and choose "Search description on Goodreads".

+ Added Settings--Full version settings--Convert MP3 to Opus button.
It allows you to reduce the size of the library several times.


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