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Learn to play the guitar at your own pace with step-by-step tutorials, made by world-class music teachers, and receive feedback from the app while you learn to play your favorite songs!
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Simply Guitar by JoyTunes is an app for learning how to play the guitar. It teaches users everything about the guitar, from the most basic hands and basic chords to daily practice to master the music. This app is a smart music notebook with a huge collection of best guitar songs. Learning while playing is a comprehensive standard for improving day by day and becoming a master of guitar music.

Learn from the basics

First, open the app in front of you, pick up your guitar, and start learning right away. Simply Guitar by JoyTunes offers a collection of instructional videos from the world’s best guitar teachers. The first step is learning how to hold the guitar and how to place your hands. Start with simple chords and memorize the notes given by your teacher in the app. Gradually get used to all the chords and how to combine multiple chords.

A video explaining the operation of this segment will be displayed on the application screen. Users can view and follow it. The app will notify you when an operation is done correctly and new instructions from the app are required. Users can listen to this song as many times as they like using the “Play” button and pause it at any time using the “Pause” button. With easy-to-understand and detailed instructions for each step and song, this is a detailed lesson that beginners need to learn the guitar.

Practice Every Day to Improve JoyTunes

Simply Guitar is a treasure trove of hundreds of songs, from the most classics to the most famous to the newest. Transform any music genre into smooth, deep guitar music. This music collection brings together songs from different countries, foreign music, and even children’s music. Therefore, this application is suitable for anyone to learn guitar. Additionally, the app is completely unlimited or requires account registration, making it easy for children to use.

Add your favorite music and group it into your favorites list. At this point, it will also be easier to find unfinished passages from the previous day and study them further. Users don’t have to spend a lot of time searching. Learn an unlimited number of new songs every day. This means that after a week, you will already know dozens of guitar songs. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of music and help you improve quickly.

Valuable Tips and How to Tune Your Music That No One Told You

In every profession and job, there are always learning tips that can make your job much easier. This also applies to playing the piano. It’s also full of little tips to help you approach music more kindly and play the guitar better. These are valuable secrets that not all teachers will tell you. But JoyTunes’ Simply Guitar is different. It’s an online teacher that brings together the experiences of many music teachers and teachers around the world, making the sharing experience even richer. We’ll teach you tricks to play correctly and tips on outstanding skills.

Additionally, users can learn how to tune music correctly. Tuning is a daily thing for guitar students, so we make sure to master this skill so we can practice. This app is completely free and convenient because you can take guitar lessons anytime, anywhere.


The NEW way to learn guitar with guided video lessons & real-time feedback. No experience needed, Simply Guitar teaches you everything. Have fun & start playing now!



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