Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts/Coins)

Unleash the powerful blasts of your favorite Angry Birds characters.
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Inspired by the resounding success of Angry Bird, Rovio Entertainment Corporation continues to release a game that attracts a large number of players around the world.. Angry Birds Dream Blast with its appeal has become a familiar name to game lovers thanks to its strong coverage.. But don’t shoot birds like before, in this game you will see a new, unique but no less attractive version, interacting with colored balls..


Angry Birds Dream Blast takes place in the future, where evil green pigs threaten the survival of little birds.. This is the time for you to rescue the Angry Birds so they can be free and destroy the green pigs, saving the poor birds..

Angry Birds Dream Blast


With the mistake of playing being considered quite easy and extremely refreshing, Angry Birds Dream Blast is considered the most addictive game that makes it difficult for anyone who has played it to quit.. You just need to touch 1 of 3 or more identical balls that are touching each other, they will create an explosion and release the balls to continue completing the mission.. Beautiful and big explosions will make you extremely excited, so calculate your strategy and create the most amazing explosions.. Although the gameplay is quite simple, more difficult challenges are still waiting for you; Let’s explore them one by one..
Balloons containing birds will make a loud bang, and when the birds are close to each other, a loud explosion will occur when you touch them.. Each bird will have a different effect and the birds will explode; some will have other functions such as increasing time,

Angry Birds Dream Blast Apk


An interesting challenge besides balls are funny bird eggs.. There will be bird eggs and locks at the bottom, your task is to create explosions to break the chain below.. Complete this type of mission with explosions to hatch eggs into birds and break the chain, if the bird reaches the bottom, the mission will be successful..

Angry Birds Dream Blast Pro


As you know, Rovio Entertainment Corporation’s graphics at that time also had a very beautiful style.. The game’s images are always meticulously cared for and without any excess or error.. The colors are always moderately prominent and cheerful, creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort, which is also the reason why Angry Birds Dream Blast can attract players of all ages.. Big explosions will make you admire and enjoy, this entertainment becomes more refreshing than ever.. Plus, the fun sounds will improve your mood.. This is really an excellent game for enjoyment..
Angry Birds Dream Blast is a game where praise is not enough.. Regardless of age, whether children or adults, this deserves to be the number one game on your entertainment list.. Touch the balls and create explosions to rescue Angry Birds and enjoy great entertainment from this extremely addictive game.. Join now with tens of millions of players around the world to have fun and compete..


The dream continues!
We trust you’re enjoying your time with Angry Birds Dream Blast! Our team works diligently to enhance your gaming experience, rolling out updates regularly. Make sure to grab the newest version to access exciting new features and levels! If you’re new to the game, don’t hesitate to dive in and join the thrilling adventure!



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