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With AOE you can customize your phone from many aspects and make it unique as you are.
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Mod Info:

  • Funzioni Pro / a pagamento sbloccate;
  • Disattivato / Rimosso permessi indesiderati + Ricevitori + Provider + Servizi;
  • Grafica ottimizzata e zippata e risorse pulite per un caricamento veloce;
  • Annunci Permessi / Servizi / Provider rimossi da AndroidManifest;
  • I link agli annunci sono stati rimossi e i metodi di invocazione annullati;
  • Visibilità dei layout degli annunci disabilitata;
  • Controllo del pacchetto di installazione di Google Play Store disabilitato;
  • Codice di debug rimosso;
  • Rimuove il nome predefinito dei tag .source dei file java corrispondenti;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabilitati;
  • Nessun tracker attivo o pubblicità - modalità offline;
  • Modalità compatibile con AOSP;
  • Lingue: Multi lingue complete;
  • CPU: architettura universale;
  • DPI dello schermo: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • La firma del pacchetto originale è stata modificata;
  • Rilasciato da Balatan.


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Always On Edge is an application that can add interesting lighting effects to your screen and let you know about ongoing activities. Easily find the aspects of your device that this application notifies you and make them accessible for stable operation. At the same time, each user has their own wallpaper with different properties that they can use and customize as they see fit.

Always On Edge

Easily adjust screen light

If you love lighting effects and are looking for a new experience, you can’t beat Always On Edge. Above all, this application brings lighting effects to your screen that you can easily customize. It also knows what’s important in lighting effects and won’t miss anything important even in silent mode.

Give the app permission to run effects

After installing Always On Edge, the next thing to do is grant permissions. The device capabilities and operations that can receive these light effects are displayed. From there you can allow them. The process is not that complicated. The application navigates to the appropriate permission location and then returns to the application. This can easily be done in other activities.

Always On Edge apk

Activities that can use effects

Once you’ve successfully authorized activity on your device with Always On Edge, you’ll see how easy it is to use. For example, when you get a notification with LED light effect or charge your phone, the color will change accordingly when your phone is fully charged. Also, when you make or receive calls or listen to your favorite songs, you will get light effects. At the same time, optimize their functionality.

Lighting adjustments and how they work

Always On Edge allows you to manually adjust the overall light properties to your liking. It could be a light running around the camera, or a light running on the side of the device.In addition, apart from the basic setting functions, the application also offers many more advanced options. B. You can customize the color of each application individually or block information from the applications that some people need.

Always On Edge pro

Use live wallpapers

In addition to light effects that make notifications easier to see, users can also use amazing live wallpapers. Owning different kinds of wallpaper gives you a new feeling. This is because it owns different wallpapers with different themes such as romance, nature, etc. Additionally, you can tweak some aspects.

Take advantage of convenient usage

Not only can you recognize notifications with light effects, but you can read them quickly so you don’t miss any important information. Best of all, these notifications come in the same format as widgets, so you can easily preview them. Also, you can enable intermittent lighting mode to reduce the power consumption of the app, so you don’t have to worry about the power consumption of this app.

Features that many users will love:

  • Add lighting effects around the camera or to the sides of the device.
  • Notify and read important items similar to widgets.
  • An impressive number of live wallpapers are available.
  • Just adjust the operation to save energy.


  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata
  • Always On Edge Lighting & AOD Schermata


* Fixe trial ended alert.
* Added Yearly plan.
* Notifications LED styles & Ticker.
* Reminder Ringtones & Notify Priority.
* Unique Animated Wallpapers.
* Work with/in AOD or without, as you wish!.
* Tap To Light with AOD Tap To Show.
* Intermittent Lighting Mode (50% less battery usage).
* Notifications on home screen widget.
* Lighting Reminder/Repeater.
* Customize per contact, account...
* Lighting when listening to music, calls, charging, live Wallpaper..



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