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For an opportunity to connect with the world of music and enjoy exciting tunes, check out YouTube Music. This is an attractive music application with many special features that provide users with musical treasures of different genres. Players will enjoy the best tunes and lift their spirits by listening to their favorite tunes.

Enjoying a Huge World of Music

Accessing YouTube Music is like entering a music door. Here they have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite songs. The app has over 70 million official songs, which is a scary number. Therefore, users can enjoy this attractive and exciting music background freely and conveniently. Music content includes originals, covers, and collaborations with multiple singers. Each song has a different content and story, and the lyrics express all the feelings and emotions the artist wants to convey to the listener’s ears.

Create Your Own Library to Listen to Music More Easier

In order to conveniently listen to music on YouTube Music, players have the right to create their own library for easy access and convenience. You can add songs that you like or add to your favorites. This makes it easy to listen to these songs whenever you want without spending hours searching for them. You can also collaborate with users of this application with perfect playlists containing your favorite songs.

Discover Different Genres of Music

YouTube Music, users can discover different genres of music including Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Latin and many other unique and new genres. . Thanks to the variety of genres, you can choose the one you like the most and listen to all the songs of that genre.

Also, when you finish listening to music, you will feel various emotions. You might feel better, have more energy, dive into a romantic space, go to work, play sports, and so on. world.

Latest and Useful Features of this App

You will be amazed by the unique and latest features of this application. You can see the lyrics of the songs you listened to, so you can practice your favorite songs while listening. Also, you can listen to music from this application on any device such as phone, laptop, speakers, TV and other devices. The remarkable thing about this application is that it does not display any ads or spam bullshit, creating favorable conditions for users to enjoy their songs to the fullest.

Download Your Favorite Songs to Your Device

If you want to listen to music offline when you don’t need internet, you need to download your favorite songs to your device. You don’t need an internet connection when you’re on the bus or plane, but you can listen to music in the most convenient and engaging way. Also, without relying on the Internet, you can easily enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

You can also introduce this useful app to invite your loved ones to enjoy music together, or to let people close to you know the appeal of this app. arrival.

New music and songs are continuously updated every week

This application will update newly released music and songs as soon as possible to meet the needs of listeners. Moreover, this application changes and updates your favorite songs every hour of every day. This allows users to know which tracks are the hottest to listen to and feel. Don’t forget to discover, search, listen and feel new songs with this application.

Helps users to relax and have many pleasant moments

Thanks to this application, users can get a stunning and wonderful private space while sipping coffee and enjoying the most soft and romantic songs. I can do it. Not only that, it removes fatigue, quickly changes your mood, makes you happy and motivates you.If you want to express yourself and practice singing your favorite songs, that’s it. With this app, you can experience and prove your musical talent again and again.

Mod bilgisi:
+ Play video clips in the background (even when the smartphone is locked);
+ No ads;
+ Operating mode “Audio only”
+ High sound quality;


YouTube Music v6.42.55 Non-Root [Premium Unlocked] / Ayna

YouTube Music v6.33.52 Non-Root [Premium Unlocked] / Ayna

YouTube Music v6.31.55 Non-Root [Premium Unlocked] / Ayna

microG v0. / Ayna


16 yorum "YouTube Music APK (Premium Unlocked)"

  1. Arif diyorki:

    Unable to log in using MicroG
    Says server error 400

  2. Rodrigo diyorki:

    is there a version for rooted android?

  3. Roshan diyorki:

    Unable to login using Micro G
    Says There is a problem with server [400]

  4. Gustavo França diyorki:

    Any solution for error 400?

  5. Cieo diyorki:

    Resulta imposible iniciar sesión. Pero, creo, debe ser problema de MicroG (para YouTube Vanced), ya que en el propio YouTube Vanced tampoco está funcionando últimamente. Las sesiones iniciadas con anterioridad se mantienen, pero no funciona para nuevos logins

    • MRX diyorki:

      Chrome 74 cause the problem. Disable or remove chrome for a while, clear cache of youtube mod and login. then install back your google chrome.

  6. Ciro diyorki:

    El problema parece ser MicroG. En YouTube Vanced tampoco está funcionando.

  7. Cieo diyorki:

    Urge una actualización de MicroG Vanced! Sigue sin funcionar. Es una pena, porque sin eso los que no somos root nos quedamos afuera ?. Dicen que el problema puede ser Chrome o WebView. En mi caso, no puedo desinstalar ninguno de los dos.

  8. Cieo diyorki:

    Hay nueva versión de MicroG que soluciona el problema de conexión y login!!! ?
    Disponible aquí:
    Saludos a todos! ?

  9. Ben Yusuf diyorki:

    Error400 – unable to log into account

  10. Cieo diyorki:

    Con la última actualización de MicroG Vanced, YouTube Music vuelve a fallar! ??‍♂️
    Si hubiera sabido, no actualizaba nada jaja ?

  11. Models diyorki:

    Absolutely right Cieo, I regret updating that.

  12. Max diyorki:

    Thank you. 3.86.51 works great

  13. Peixes7902 diyorki:

    Cómo hago con las descargas las músicas, no me deja

  14. Pablo diyorki:

    A todos los que no os funciona el login, probad con la versión 0.2.13. Va perfecto tanto YoTube Vanced como Music, se acabaron los problemas de login que yo tenía también. Dejad esa versión de Micro G e ir actualizando los otros programas. Saludos!

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