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You are actively using Telegram on your computer? You sometimes too lazy to get the phone out of your pocket or you forget your phone at home? Then you have the support of Remote Bot for Telegram.

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Remote Bot can send or receive SMS and control your device via Telegram bot.

Bot run only on your own device. Your personal data is secured by Telegram and doesn’t stored on any servers. Only data for push notifications stored in the Push Server.

Google services installed is required

Remote Bot can:
* Send or receive SMS
* Notify about incoming SMS or missed calls
* Show list of missed calls
* Call Tasker tasks and send messages (text,location,photo,document,audio,voice) from Tasker to Telegram
* Search device location on the map
* Search device via loud signal
* Show battery information
* Control device volume and ring modes
* Take photo from front/back camera
* Receive all notifications in status bar
* Control music player, start apps, reboot device etc

It is forbidden to use the program in order to spy!
Bot created automatically.
Only you need to authorize in Telegram.
Manual Bot Creation

First of all, you need to create a new bot via Botfather

How to create new Bot:
1. Open Telegram
2. Search for “botfather”, select it and click to Start
3. Send /newbot to BotFather to create new bot
4. Enter bot name
5. Enter bot username. It must end in `bot`. Like this, for example: TetrisBot or tetris_bot.
6. Copy Token
7. Open Remote Bot Application and past bot Token and your Telegram username (It’s can be found or set in Telegram Settings).
For personal data safety you need pair Remote Bot with your Telegram account by username.
8. Open Telegram and find your bot in Search by bot username and click to Start

Send messages from Tasker to Telegram Bot
Create task: System->Send Intent
Action: com.alexandershtanko.androidtelegrambot.ACTION_TASKER
Package: com.alexandershtanko.androidtelegrambot
Class: com.alexandershtanko.androidtelegrambot.receivers.TaskerMessageReceiver
Extra: tasker_message_type:message
Extra: text:Some Text
Extra: tasker_message_type:location
Extra: cords:%LOC
Extra: tasker_message_type:photo
Extra: path:%PATH%
Extra: tasker_message_type:document
Extra: path:%PATH%
Extra: tasker_message_type:video
Extra: path:%PATH%
Extra: tasker_message_type:audio
Extra: path:%PATH%
Extra: tasker_message_type:voice
Extra: path:%PATH%

Issues fixed
Updated SMS command
Added devices support from Android 4.0

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Remote Bot for Telegram v1.4.3 [Premium] / Ayna

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